The Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse!

So if you consider buying this mouse, you either want a pretty damn unnecessary feature and sacrifice on other aspects, or you own a Laptop like I do.
So if you don't have a Laptop, you're stupid. Now I'll jump right into the Pros and Cons with you guys, let's get this started!!!


- Awesome wheel
(You can change the mode, it's either the normal scrolling, or you have it in "free" mode where it rotates like there's no tomorrow, good for huge documents or websites)
- Got some mass (if you like that)
- Big range (more than 3 meters)
- small wireless usb thingy


- only for right handed people
- no gayming LEDs
- no 20 mmo buttons
- buttons feel pretty shitty
- idno how much dpi

It's alright I guess, you elitists with your mechanical keyboard and 7.1 super surround bullshit will probably whine about MUH INPUT LAGG.
Imo it's decent for some gaming and Laptops if you don't like all the wires.
Thanks for checking out my review of the M705 :^)

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